24 Mar

Google And Doorway Pages

Ah, I remember doorways pages from when I started out in SEO way back in 2004. Back then they were invisible, but that’s another story.

Google’s latest announcement regarding doorway pages is intriguing. I hope that the aim will be to demote the bad boys in the SERPs – i.e. those that scrape and mash together bits of syndicated content in a bid to dupe Google into thinking that what lies in front of them is fresh, unique content.

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27 Jan

Moving on, and working freelance!

This is just a little post to announce that as of this week, I’ve moved freelance. After almost a decade working in and around SEO, within a variety of roles, I’ve decided that I’d like to work for myself, and bring more flexibility to the way that I work. It seems to be a common theme at the moment – I can think of at least 4 other people whom I respect within the industry having made recent announcements within the last month or so.

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