I’m very much focused on the technical side of SEO, and I’d say that I prefer to work within areas of digital marketing where high levels of analysis & problem solving are required.  With that in mind, the following outline some of the services I can provide:

I’m always happy to talk through specific challenges, and can work with you to devise a custom schedule of work to suit your requirements. If you’d like to talk more, visit my contact page to learn how to get in touch.

Analytics Configuration
I can help set up Google Analytics to your specific requirements.  I can configure bespoke tracking that matches your business KPIs. Whether you need help defining website goals, or building custom reports and alerts to support your way of working, I can help you do that.

Performance Review
Do you need help understanding how your website is performing?  Do you need help understanding which digital marketing channels are performing best for you? Do you need weekly / monthly / quarterly performance reports? This is all work that I can do for you.

Traffic Drop Analysis
Have you suffered a sudden, unexplained traffic drop? I can review your analytics to get an understanding of what may have caused the traffic drop. Whether it’s caused by an analytics problem, a technical change to your website, or perhaps there are external factors at play such as a Google update or negative SEO – I know how to determine the root cause of many of these issues, and can provide recommendations and strategies for resolving them, so that you can get your traffic back on track.

Link Audits
Do you want help understanding your backlink profile? Do you need to get to the bottom of why your SEO is under-performing in some areas? A Link Audit can help you to do this, and can also help you to be pro-active in terms of avoiding unwanted Google penalties. I can help you to look at anchor text distribution, and the types of websites currently linking to your website.

Outreach Strategies
Do you need to grow your backlink profile in an organic manner, inline with Google’s latest guidelines? After carrying out a detailed Link Audit of your current backlink profile, I can work with you to define an outreach strategy that will form the backbone of solid organic traffic to your website.

Penalty Removal Consultancy
Have you seen a recent traffic drop, and think that it might be related to a Google penalty or filter, such as Penguin or Panda?  I have experience helping clients to resolve issues related to both of these, and can help you to achieve the same. Normally following a deep dive of analytics and ranking data, I will attempt to diagnose the root cause of the problem, and will provide a strategy for resolving any onsite / offsite issues that may be causing the penalty / filter.

Keyword Research
Are you seeking to identify which keywords you should be targeting to content on your website?  Do you need help in understanding the type of keywords that visitors are currently using to find your website.  Are you looking for help to prioritise which keywords you should be building your digital marketing campaigns around? I take an analytical approach to helping you define a keyword strategy that’s optimised for your customer based.

Content Gap Analysis
Now that you’ve carried out Keyword Research, you’ll need to know if you’ve got valid content onsite to enable you to optimise for those keywords. That’s where a Content Gap Analysis comes in. I’ll review your website against selected keyword for valid content, and I’ll provide recommendations on how to optimise that content. Where gaps are found I’ll provide strategies for developing new content such that you can incorporate a broader reach of keywords.

Competitor Audits
Do you think that your competitor is getting an edge on your marketing? Would you like to know what exactly your competitor is up to in terms of their organic marketing? I can carry out an audit of their performance, and analyse technical issues, content development strategies and link acquisition strategies. I’ll then report this back to you, so that you can use the information to inform your own website’s digital marketing strategy.

Technical Audits
Would you like to understand all of the technical issues that are currently causing obstacles for your search engine optimisation. What exactly is the issue that’s preventing Googlebot from accessing all of your excellent content. By reviewing your website against an extensive list of known issues, I can provide a detailed report containing actionable recommendations that will help you to fix your website, and to get it back into a fit state such it can perform well in SEO.

Enterprise Level Crawling & Analysis
Have you got a large, enterprise level website. As websites get larger and more complex, small technical problems can cause large, unforeseen technical issues, which if left alone, can wreak havok with your digital marketing. Think those indexed Out of Stock product pages are fine? Well just wait until you get hit by the next Panda update? Using crawling technology developed in Python, I can get a detailed understanding of any large, complex website, and can easily find technical issues that you’ll want to fix in order to keep good SEO-hygiene.

Website Migrations
Are you thinking of carrying out a website migration? Are you moving domains, or thinking about getting a new CMS. Well this is something I can help you with. I’ve got plenty of experience working on large scale website migrations. I can help you to define your website hierarchy and content structures on your new website, such that the migration can be as painless as possible. I can audit your traffic pre-migration, such that we’re able to effectively prioritise where we should focus our efforts throughout the migration. And I can help you to define and configure any redirects that you’ll need to ensure that SEO-equity is successfully migrated across to the new website, ensuring that both rankings and traffic are preserved.

So if any of this sounds like something you might need help with, feel free to contact me here.